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American Heritage: Zinfandel A strong case could be made thatthe definitive American wine is made from Zinfandel, or a blend of grapes in which Zinfandel is a dominant part of the blend. This grape recently was identified as identical to the Croatian variety Crljenak Kaštelanski, and

An attractive red wine grape, Merlot is planted in many parts of the world, and emanates from Bordeaux where it is one of the most vital parts of wines from the St.-Emilion and Pomerol districts

Floral, Fragrant and Fruity: Gewurztraminer One of the most difficult to pronounce of wines, Gewurztraminer is a classic variety that comes from the Alsace in France, and is one of the most distinctive wines in the world. Blessed with a wild-spiced aroma that’s exotic and spirited, Gewurztraminer is

Order a White, it's probably Chardonnay One of the world’s most popular wines, Chardonnay accounts for about one bottle of every five sold in the United States. People who buy wine

Taking on a topic like White Wines is almost as confounding as answering the question, “How long is a string?” There are some similarities in the two open ended questions. First, white wines are made in approximately 63 countries around the world, with varied regions per

Describing any wine as “good” really only denotes that it is enjoyed by whoever is drinking it. I cannot emphasize enough that wine should not be evaluated on anything but “enjoyment”. In other words, if you like it, it is good. But as a beverage that

White wine is wine made from grapes of varied colors, including green, yellow, gold, pink or even dark purple to black. The reason for this is that wine derives its color from the skins. Wine grapes are relatively colorless inside. Some Champagne, for example, which