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Zinfandel: Mystery Grape Once upon a time, Zinfandel was the mystery grape whose origin was unknown, but it made two kinds of wine that were widely appreciated: a slightly pink wine and a Beaujolais-like red. We knew that Zinfandel was a California original, grown nowhere else, and

A lot of what we are asked to buy these days is sweet wine masquerading as dry. I have often received letters from readers mentioning that some of the Sauvignon Blancs they had were slightly sweet wines, and they wanted to know why they couldn’t find

The Kleenex of White Wine: American Chardonnay We all have a story to tell about our introduction and seduction into the world of wine. Most of us started with white wines, unless Jewish and drinking Mogen David for Passover dinners. Many start with sweeter wines, but

Bright and Crisp: Sauvignon Blanc An amazingly versatile white wine, Sauvignon Blanc is now very popular. Some versions, a bit on the distinctly grassy style, appeal to wine lovers, notably those Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand with their assertive aroma characteristics. But milder styles of SB, such as

Fragrant and Floral Riesling Perhaps the world’s greatest wine variety of them all is Riesling. Red wine lovers will argue this point, but no other grape has the ability to make as wide a variety of styles

You say ToeMAYtoe; I say ToeMahToe; You say Shiraz; I say Syrah If you are from California, Europe, Argentina, Chile, or Uruguay, Syrah is a deep dark red wine with generally low to moderate

Wine of Royalty: Pinot Noir One of the world’s noblest varieties, Pinot Noir makes the great red Burgundies of France and recently has taken the world by storm from regions such as Oregon, California’s cooler regions, New Zealand, and other cooler regions of the world. The problems