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Alsace: One of the Finest Growing Regions in the World One of France’s finest wine-growing regions, and one of its least understood, is the Alsace, a northerly region bordering on

Pass the Port Growing up there was always Port wine in the house. My father was in the Navy for 23 years where he learned about Port from centuries of naval history and tradition, which

Pinot Noir and the Media Today's grape is the fickle Pinot Noir variety supposedly made (more) famous, at least in the U.S., by a little movie called Sideways and an equally fickle little man called Miles (how ironic, hmm?).  Many think it helped regions like the

Zinfandel: Mystery Grape Once upon a time, Zinfandel was the mystery grape whose origin was unknown, but it made two kinds of wine that were widely appreciated: a slightly pink wine and a Beaujolais-like red. We knew that Zinfandel was a California original, grown nowhere else, and

A lot of what we are asked to buy these days is sweet wine masquerading as dry. I have often received letters from readers mentioning that some of the Sauvignon Blancs they had were slightly sweet wines, and they wanted to know why they couldn’t find