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By Dan Berger For well over 100 years, the origins of the grape we call Zinfandel was unknown.  Books were written about the mysterious background of the grape, and although it made a stellar red wine, and was the soul of White Zinfandel and Zinfandel Rosé, no one

By Dan Berger For all the excitement it generates, for all the pizzazz of its presentation, the explosive sound of its cork popping, the fact that it is used for celebrations and that it evokes

By Dan Berger The traditional “pop” heard at weddings may be generated by any number of sparkling wines -- buck-ninety-nine domestic fizzy, where the bottle is worth more than the

Alsace: One of the Finest Growing Regions in the World One of France’s finest wine-growing regions, and one of its least understood, is the Alsace, a northerly region bordering on

Pass the Port Growing up there was always Port wine in the house. My father was in the Navy for 23 years where he learned about Port from centuries of naval history and tradition, which

Pinot Noir and the Media Today's grape is the fickle Pinot Noir variety supposedly made (more) famous, at least in the U.S., by a little movie called Sideways and an equally fickle little man called Miles (how ironic, hmm?).  Many think it helped regions like the