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Best Red Wine for Beginners Red wines are popular around the world, from the rich Zinfandels of California to the sweet Shirazs of the Outback. Many beginners, however, are apprehensive about getting into reds due to their complexity. Although no two red wines are quite the same,

When thinking about fine wine, the sweetness is not the first attribute that beginning wine drinkers picture. Some of the finest wines in the world, however, fall under the “sweet” category. With names like Reisling, Port and Muscato, sweet wine is world-renowned. Sweet wines are gaining

By Dan Berger A series of notes on German wines. German wine’s popularity in the United States pre-dates White Zinfandel, and goes back 50 years.      Liebfraumilch, the blended white wine of the (then lesser-quality) Rheinhessen, gained a great following here as the wine that

By Dan Berger In the mid-1980s, I interviewed a wealthy and well-regarded wine collector for an article I was doing on his world-famed cellar. After some discussion of all his