Why Wine Gift Baskets? 4 Reasons They’re a Joy to Give

Wine Gift baskets make wonderful presents: they’re both luxurious and practical, not to mention elegant and thoughtful. They can be customized to the taste of the recipient, and they keep on giving long after the special event has passed. Any occasion is appropriate for a gift basket: weddings, … [Read more...]

Fear of Wine

By Dan Berger Wineries around the world have long sought an answer to the major dilemma: How do you convert all those non-wine drinkers out there into wine drinkers?      It’s estimated that some 90 million adult Americans consume no wine at all, and never have. And another 25-45 million consume … [Read more...]

Creating a Luxury Brand

It was Seneca, the Roman philosopher at the birth of the Common Era, who is quoted as saying, “Luck is what happens when opportunity and preparation meet.” I am going to introduce you to Halleck Vineyard. I will also discuss the requirements for building a luxury brand. I have been extremely … [Read more...]

Price of a Wine

By Dan Berger There is an old story about a stamp collector whose huge collection includes a very rare stamp, of which there are only two known in existence. As the story goes, he spends a lot of money, time, and effort to locate the other stamp, buys it, and then burns it up. As reporters … [Read more...]

The Bargain Bin

By Dan Berger Thirty years ago, I spied a rack of discounted wines and on it was a bottle of a 1971 Burgundy, a wine from a great vintage then already a decade old. It was on sale for half its original price.      I asked the shop owner, a savvy chap, why the wine was discounted. He said he’d … [Read more...]

Learning the Techniques of Wine Marketing

The transparent truism about the marketing of wine is that we are all victims of a scheme that predetermines who will buy a certain wine based as much on its price as any other factor. All of this must be adjusted, of course, to factors that are changing all the time -- as will be seen in a few … [Read more...]

Restaurant Wine Tales

By Dan Berger For decades I have heard restaurant owners say they would like to find some alternative wines for their wine lists. Starting in the early 1990s restaurant owners began to tell me that they wanted to get away from the massive lists of Chardonnays they were carrying and wanted more … [Read more...]