Wine and Food 2

By Dan Berger What wine goes with bacon-flavored ice cream? This isn’t an actual question, but it illustrates how some “adventurous” chefs are creating dishes made more for their shock value than for taste. Foie gras with milk chocolate sauce? Peanut-flavored lamb?  Curried lobster aspic? I … [Read more...]

Wine with Food 1

By Dan Berger As popular as the topic has been for the last several decades, “wine with food” is one of the least well understood, and part of it is based on some unfortunately simplistic rules that were formulated a long time ago. The old line, “White wine with fish, red wine with meat” can … [Read more...]

Champagne and Food

By Jeffrey M. Kralik, Ph.D. For most people, champagne “season” has just ended: it started with Thanksgiving, went through the winter holidays, and culminated on New Year’s Eve. Many people have purchased and consumed a large portion of their yearly sparkling wine consumption to celebrate the … [Read more...]

What a Wine List Reveals

A Wine List is a Tool A Wine list is strategic to any restaurant that sells wine. Creating an effective wine list is not for the feint of heart, inexperienced, or narrow-minded. And you can spot any of these characteristics from a quick scan. Let’s go through each to demonstrate. Feint of Heart … [Read more...]

American Chardonnay

The Kleenex of White Wine: American Chardonnay We all have a story to tell about our introduction and seduction into the world of wine. Most of us started with white wines, unless Jewish and drinking Mogen David for Passover dinners. Many start with sweeter wines, but graduate rapidly to … [Read more...]

What Wine Goes With Salmon

Wine goes with Salmon! Salmon is a rich fish that that hints at the best pairing simply by its color. Its translucent red hue speaks to the wine that I think is an ideal partner: Pinot Noir wine goes with salmon. That said, many enjoy a full flavored, not-too-lightly-oaked Chardonnay, following the … [Read more...]

What Wine Goes With Chicken

Red wine goes with chicken often Chicken, the signature white meat, is a wonderful dish for pairing with wine. But most chicken dishes are rich and savory, belying any myth about it being ideally suited to white wines. What wine goes with chicken? In fact, most chicken dishes are best paired with … [Read more...]

Tasting Wine. How to Taste Wine.

How to taste wine? We all grow up thinking we know how to taste. We are born with it and it seems silly to think that we need someone to teach us how to taste wine. There are flavors we like and those we don’t, as well as foods we prefer or not. It is always clear when a baby does not like what he … [Read more...]

How to taste wine properly

We all grow up believing we know how to taste. It is innate and it may seem silly to consider that we need to learn how to taste wine. Some we like; some we don’t. Since we were babies we have been able to discern our tastes. Due to it’s subjective nature, it is difficult to conceive that we can … [Read more...]

Food and Wine

Wine is often described as a condiment for food. Similar to ketchup with French Fries or a sweet-spicy chutney with an Indian preparation, wine enhances and elevates food. Food can also lift and showcase the many dimensions of a wine. That said, just the opposite is possible. The wrong pairing of … [Read more...]