Aging White Wine

By Dan Berger   We all know the pitfalls when we decide to age a bottle of red wine – or a few hundred! Any such experiences can be fraught with problems, which we observe ruefully when an episode goes sour. And inevitably many do in fact go sour. We’ve all experienced the disappointment when we … [Read more...]

Wine With Turkey: Which Wines Pair Best with Thanksgiving Dinner?

When it comes to preparing the perfect turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, there are an endless number of factors to consider. How will you be preparing your turkey? What will you be serving on the side? Are other people bringing food? What’s for dessert? And then, of course, there’s the most important … [Read more...]

15 Must-Try Red Wines for the Holidays

Oenophiles around the world love their red wine, which is always an excellent choice when you’re looking for a satisfying and healthy glass of vino. Inexplicably, red wine seems to taste even BETTER during this time of year, which inspired the team to compile our list of 15 must-try red … [Read more...]

Best Resources For Buying the Best Wines

The Art Of Buying Wine When it comes to buying wine, where should the blossoming (or seasoned) oenophile begin their search? The team at has combined our collective wine knowledge--and done plenty of new research--to bring you a list of the best guides for getting the best wines. Our list … [Read more...]

Top 10 Wines (and Wine-Related Ideas) For Coping with Family This Holiday Season

One of the most exciting (and potentially stressful) aspects of the holiday season is the opportunity to visit and reconnect with extended family. Whether you are very close with your kin or a certified anti-family Grinch, wine is an outstanding choice for coping this holiday season. Because the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Holiday Wine Habits to Keep off Weight this Season

When it comes to putting on extra weight, the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) is the most dangerous time of the year. Turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, cakes, pies, ice cream…the list is endless! Food and nutrition experts have provided us with plenty of tips on how to … [Read more...]

11 Best Wine Gift Ideas For the Wine Buff Who Can’t Get Enough

Do you have a best friend or family member who is a total wine buff? Do you struggle year after year trying to figure out what to get them during the holidays? If so (or if you’re a wine buff looking to TREAT. YO. SELF.), look no further than our 11 Best Wine Gift Ideas for the Wine Buff Who Can’t … [Read more...]

Wine Atlas: Around the World in 18 Bottles

In the world of wine, both seasoned experts and beginning enthusiasts are always looking to try something new. Whether you are a sauvignon blanc fan looking to branch out to red wine or a merlot connoisseur wanting to try a merlot from a completely different part of the world, our Wine Atlas: Around … [Read more...]

Ideas for Pairing White Wines with Steak

  How many times have you been told that white wine and red meat absolutely do NOT go together? Many major figures in the culinary world have long informed us that white wine and steak are polar opposites--nay, enemies--and that their paths should never cross. Why do so many people feel … [Read more...]

The 12 Perfect Wines For Beginning Enthusiasts

Not sure what the difference is between cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc? Do you find yourself totally confused when wine drinkers describe the mouth-feel of a wine? Are you interested in drinking wine and going to a nice wine tasting but have no idea where to begin? If so, our list of … [Read more...]