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Wine Consumption World Wide Infographic

Wine Consumption World Wide Habits

When it comes to drinks, wine has always been everyone’s ideal choice. The vogue and the specialty of this drink hasn’t dwindled with time. In fact, people are enchanted with this fascinating drink time and again.

Collectively, there has been no significant change in the consumption of wine throughout the world. It has been rather unwavering.

The United States stands at the top of the ladder with 31.8 hl consumption of wine in 2016. Among other countries include France, Italy, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. While these nations have a fairly high swigging of wine, the figures remain stagnant throughout the years.

On the other hand, there are a few nations wherein wine is consumed by only a handful of people. These cover Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Romania, and Japan.

While most of the countries had only a minute change in the wine sipping, there is Italy where it went considerably high.

It has also been taken a note that few European countries have tried to bring down the supply of wine. They have done so by means of trimming down the harvest gradually.

In order to get a clearer picture, you can refer to this fine infographic below. You may get a better insight into the trend of wine consumption amongst various nations.

In any case, wine consumption isn’t glowering down anywhere soon. So take a quick sip! Special thanks to for sharing their infographic with us.

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