Aging White Wine

By Dan Berger We all know the pitfalls when we decide to age a bottle of red wine – or a few hundred! Any such experiences can be fraught with problems, which we observe ruefully when an episode goes sour. And inevitably many do in fact go sour. We’ve all experienced the disappointment when … [Read more...]

Savoring A Glass Of Wine : What Makes Your Wine Sing

When you reach for a glass of wine and pour your favorite, particularly after a stressful day, or to unwind with buddies - do you ever think about what is inside it??   Aside from grapes (that we all know), patience and passion, it’s mostly water and alcohol in wine. In fact, it is this … [Read more...]

Food with Flair: Tips for Choosing the Best White Wine for Cooking

Using wine in your cooking is a fantastic way to add a complex layer of flavor to a dish. Wine is a perfect way to enhance sauces, marinades, soups, salad dressings, and even desserts (see: red wine chocolate cake, poached pears in white wine, and roasted fruit with Marsala syrup). The problem is … [Read more...]


By Dan Berger Most of the fine wines we are offered in wine shops these days are too young to be appreciated at their best. There are several reasons for this, but the primary one is that wine is a living product, and shortly after it completes its fermentation and is technically wine (and no … [Read more...]

Wine Alcohol Content: Important Facts to Know

The Truth About Wine Alcohol Content It’s a common misconception that all wines have a similar alcohol content. As the logic goes, wine is wine, right? Not so. From variety to variety, the alcohol content of wine can differ quite wildly. Some wines can have a 12 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), … [Read more...]

Wine Glasses

By Dan Berger Wine snobs will tell you that any wine tastes better in crystal wine glasses, especially those with a very thin rim and very narrow stem. And there is no question that such glasses can be advantageous when tasting certain red wines, certain white wines, and even certain specialty … [Read more...]

Wine Coolers

By Dan Berger People who like dry table wine are often seen as well above the soda pop culture that seems to have pervaded Americans’ drinking habits for decades, mainly because wine is generally considered to be dry or at least very slightly sweet. Soda contains a lot more sugar than most … [Read more...]

Wine Openers

By Dan Berger One of the greatest advances in wine packaging over the last decade or so has been the use of screwcaps to seal bottles of wine that are intended for immediate consumption. The twist-off aluminum cap now so widely used has the wonderful advantage of making wine accessible to … [Read more...]

Wine Racks

By Dan Berger There is an old saying in the wine business that almost all wine is consumed within 24 hours of its purchase, preferably not on the way home from the store! And yet aging of red wines, in particular, and even a few white wines that are carefully chosen, can be a rewarding … [Read more...]

Top Rated Wine Bars In Charleston That You Must Visit

Vacations are some of the best reasons to discover not just new places, but also the best wine bars. When traveling to Charleston in South Carolina, wine bars might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Charleston is home to many fine restaurants and all of the grits, shrimp and other southern … [Read more...]