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White Wine vs. Red Wine | Let The Battle Begin | Infographic

White Wine vs Red Wine

Wine has been around for thousands of years. Today, our love for wine goes beyond just the occasional tasting. We love wine as much as we love any sumptuous drink. In fact, wine lusciously complements our daily meals, making it a fine dining experience everyday.

This alcoholic beverage is made with the fermented juice of grapes. At its core, wine is composed of water, alcohol, acids, and tannins. Each of these elements adds something unique to that glass of wine we enjoy.

Technically, this tipple is both simple and complex to understand. Wine is produced using a natural process that isn’t complex. But it becomes a little intricate when we try and create different varieties & flavors and that’s the beauty. In fact, each wine variety is a small piece of the earth’s geology and biology.

Understanding the world’s favorite drink is a challenge in itself because each bottle is an opportunity to delve into a distinctive cultural tradition and history. The best way to learn about wine is to dive in and start tasting some.

So before you go catch a bottle of wine, let’s take a look at this wonderful infographic on Red and White wine. We are sure you’ll find the drink tastier. A special thanks to for sharing this infographic.

White wine versus red wine infographic

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