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What Wine Goes With Salmon

Wine and Salmon

Wine goes with Salmon!

Salmon is a rich fish that that hints at the best pairing simply by its color. Its translucent red hue speaks to the wine that I think is an ideal partner: Pinot Noir wine goes with salmon. That said, many enjoy a full flavored, not-too-lightly-oaked Chardonnay, following the rule of thumb: white wine goes with fish. But I would always defer to your own preferences before falling back on a pat solution. Taste and decide which wine you enjoy that goes with salmon.

Not intending to be redundant, but Burgundy is also a good wine with Salmon. While Burgundy is made from exclusively the Pinot Noir grape (or Chardonnay for White Burgundy), the flavor profile often steers more to earthy flavors than the more fruity New World Pinots coming from California, Oregon, Australia or New Zealand. That said, both earth and fruit flavored wine goes well with Salmon. A balance is perfect, depending on the preparation.

I couldn’t help myself but to Google and find what others recommend. Champagne and Sparkling were suggested. I can’t think of anything that does not go well with bubbly. One wine that came up that surprised me was Gewurztraminer. Then I remembered the curried salmon I enjoyed at an Indian friend’s house some years ago. Gewurztraminer would have been fantastic with that dish. I make a curried quinoa salad with cilantro and sautéed scallions, covered with a poached salmon topped with a dollop of curried aioli. Gewurztraminer is an absolutely perfect wine which goes with this salmon preparation.

I am set on trying Gewurztraminer with a more simply prepared salmon, such as grilled or baked. Certainly with Sashimi. I will let you know how it goes.

Until then, whichever wine goes with salmon, enjoy!

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