Wine Alcohol Content: Important Facts to Know

The Truth About Wine Alcohol Content It’s a common misconception that all wines have a similar alcohol content. As the logic goes, wine is wine, right? Not so. From variety to variety, the alcohol content of wine can differ quite wildly. Some wines can have a 12 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), … [Read more...]

Top 50 Best-Selling Amazon Wines

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Best Places to Retire for Wine Lovers

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The Myth of Sulfite-Free Wines

If you’re still reading this (meaning you’ve made it past the title), congratulations! We're glad you're as curious as we are regarding this important subject. The topic in this article is a hot one among impassioned lovers of fine organic wines, so we'll start by addressing the elephant in the … [Read more...]

Best Resources For Buying the Best Wines

The Art Of Buying Wine When it comes to buying wine, where should the blossoming (or seasoned) oenophile begin their search? The team at has combined our collective wine knowledge--and done plenty of new research--to bring you a list of the best guides for getting the best wines. Our list … [Read more...]

Most Creative Wine Labels You’ve Never Seen

On your average trip to the wine and spirits store, you will see hundreds of different wine labels. Many are rather bland (and very similar to the bottles surrounding them), but a handful are creative and eye catching. The team is very interested in the psychology behind wine bottle labels, … [Read more...]

7 Destinations to Consider For Wine Vacations

Every wine lover knows that there ain’t no vacation like a winecation (wine vacation), but where in the world should you go? Should you keep it domestic, or (if you can afford it), should you go international? Which regions are the best choices if you’re a fan of red wines? How about whites? Are you … [Read more...]

Top 15 Wines under $15

Unless you are a millionaire or independently wealthy, chances are you’re looking for a bargain when you go to your local wine and spirits store. We all want delicious, quality wine, but who wants (or can afford) to shell out $50 or more for one bottle of vino? If you’re an oenophile on a budget (or … [Read more...]

A Guide to the Fanciest French Wine Regions

France has long been revered as the world’s premier producer of delicious and high-quality wines.  Wine-Searcher reports that France “has produced wine in greater quantity--and of reportedly greater quality--than any other nation. Wine is ingrained in French culture at almost every level of society; … [Read more...]

Top 10 Wines (and Wine-Related Ideas) For Coping with Family This Holiday Season

One of the most exciting (and potentially stressful) aspects of the holiday season is the opportunity to visit and reconnect with extended family. Whether you are very close with your kin or a certified anti-family Grinch, wine is an outstanding choice for coping this holiday season. Because the … [Read more...]