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The phrase “wine writer” has been used to describe people who contribute to the wine knowledge of our society with a series of nearly endless tasting notes. Unless you are a dedicated tasting note reader, this can be a sea not worth traversing. Sure, you might

  I have always felt that the wine decanter is the best wine accessory (after the corkscrew!) that a wine lover should have in their arsenal.   Decanting Most Red Wines is a Good Idea.   For one thing, younger red wines need time to recover from fermentation; and a

A book was published some years ago dedicated to helping people start wine cellars. I was puzzled. People who have to buy a book to help them start a wine cellar probably shouldn’t be starting one. Besides, a wine cellar is not a thing. It is

As the oldest industry in the human experience, sans one, wine has a plethora of gear, information, and services that have developed over the millennia to support it. Further, since the digital