The 12 Perfect Wines For Beginning Enthusiasts

Not sure what the difference is between cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc? Do you find yourself totally confused when wine drinkers describe the mouth-feel of a wine? Are you interested in drinking wine and going to a nice wine tasting but have no idea where to begin? If so, our list of … [Read more...]

Fear of Wine

By Dan Berger Wineries around the world have long sought an answer to the major dilemma: How do you convert all those non-wine drinkers out there into wine drinkers?      It’s estimated that some 90 million adult Americans consume no wine at all, and never have. And another 25-45 million consume … [Read more...]

Cork Taint

By Dan Berger Corked wine has ruined more dining experiences than poorly cooked main dishes, and two episodes I experienced only added fuel to the fire of my revulsion for this problem.      I have written about corkiness before, and though the situation has improved some, it’s still extant. It … [Read more...]

Price of a Wine

By Dan Berger There is an old story about a stamp collector whose huge collection includes a very rare stamp, of which there are only two known in existence. As the story goes, he spends a lot of money, time, and effort to locate the other stamp, buys it, and then burns it up. As reporters … [Read more...]

Running a Scam

By Dan Berger When you sit down to taste a glass of wine, one of the first things you do is to make an instant judgment as to whether you like it. And the more you know about the wine, the easier it is to make that judgment.      Say someone hands you a glass of white wine and asks, “What do you … [Read more...]

Learning the Techniques of Wine Marketing

The transparent truism about the marketing of wine is that we are all victims of a scheme that predetermines who will buy a certain wine based as much on its price as any other factor. All of this must be adjusted, of course, to factors that are changing all the time -- as will be seen in a few … [Read more...]

Changes in Wine

By Dan Berger The budding wine lover called and said a bottle of wine he had just bought tasted “funny.” It was a bottle of a German Riesling, of which he had just bought a case after he had visited the property, tasted the wine and liked it very much. Three years after buying it, he asked … [Read more...]

Aging White Wines

Strong opinions about aging Letter writers to newspapers rarely have praise to offer. People tend to be motivated to write to wine columnists only when they are upset with something they’ve read or want advice. It takes a strong opinion to write a letter, even about something as unremarkable as … [Read more...]

Award Winning Wine Lists

Size matters in a wine list? A friend who dines out frequently recently sent me an e-mail in which he referred to a local restaurant that has what he called a “Hey-Look-At-How-Many-Wines-We-Have” wine list. He added, “You need two guys from Bekins Moving to schlep the book to the table.” I … [Read more...]

The Wonderful World of Aging Wine

  A question wine lovers ask when contemplating buying a bottle of red wine is: how will it age? Or, more applicable these days, will it age at all? Aging wine is an age old question. There are various answers to this riddle and, in general today, I hesitate to suggest that any red … [Read more...]