Alsace: One of the Finest Growing Regions in the World One of France’s finest wine-growing regions, and one of its least understood, is the Alsace, a northerly region bordering on Germany and with a populace that is as comfortable speaking German as French. The grape varieties of Alsace (almost … [Read more...]


You say ToeMAYtoe; I say ToeMahToe; You say Shiraz; I say Syrah   If you are from California, Europe, Argentina, Chile, or Uruguay, Syrah is a deep dark red wine with generally low to moderate acidity, often with smooth tannins. If you are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South … [Read more...]

Pinot noir

Wine of Royalty: Pinot Noir One of the world’s noblest varieties, Pinot Noir makes the great red Burgundies of France and recently has taken the world by storm from regions such as Oregon, California’s cooler regions, New Zealand, and other cooler regions of the world. The problems with Pinot Noir … [Read more...]