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What is Malbec Wine? A Quick Guide

A robust red wine from Argentina, Malbec Wine 2017 is made from the variety of grapes with the same name that is actually native to France. They were planted in Argentinian soil in the 19th century, where they thrived. These are dark fruits with thick skins, and impart a similarly dark berry flavor with smoky notes.

Historically, Malbec grapes have been used in French Bordeaux, which is made with specific wine grapes. Now, Malbec wine is appreciated on its own merit. It’s made primarily in Argentina, and there is a multitude of varieties from different brands.

Depending on where the grapes are grown, how long they are allowed to ripen, and the method used for wine-making, a rainbow of flavors is possible.


Malbec Wines: Brands and Flavors

Alamos Malbec

Black raspberry and chocolate meld with floral notes in this sweetly spicy, dark purple wine.

Gascon Malbec

This type boasts licorice, chocolate, and spice flavors alongside dark fruit notes with a smooth finish.

Trapiche Malbec

Trapiche offers a range of varieties, including Oak Cask, a purple-colored wine with notes of plum and black cherry, and “Broquel,” which is floral, earthy, and purple-red in color.

Catena Malbec

Cantena’s vineyards are located at various elevations, and the grapes from different altitudes contribute different flavors when combined in their Malbec varietal. Plum, black pepper notes, and black cherry aromas are just some of them.

Dona Paula Malbec

With dominant blackberry, blueberry, and spice flavors, this wine also has mineral notes that epitomize the rocky terrain from which the grape vines are grown.

Trivento Malbec

A deep red wine with strawberry and cherry notes, this type also contains coffee and chocolate hints.

Layer Cake Malbec

The grapes used for this type give an incredibly full-bodied taste due to plenty of time ripening on the vine. Dark chocolate, truffles, earth, and black fruit are all part of its deep flavors.


Places to Get the Best Malbec

This is a unique wine that deserves a special setting for drinking and enjoying. Check out these U.S. restaurants that feature wines from Argentina as well as authentic cuisine.

Tango and Malbec

This Argentinian steakhouse in Houston, TX, offers authentic food and prime cuts of meat as well as a full wine bar featuring some of the finest Malbec from Argentina. It also boasts an atmosphere that seamlessly blends Old World style with new, modern sensibilities. Come for dinner and stay for wine and some dancing!

Malbec Pasadena

Classic Argentinian dishes, including Argentinian-style grilled meats, complement a vast selection of Malbec wines and other South American specialties. Head to Pasadena, California to try it all at this elegant restaurant.

All in all, this type of wine is a great addition to any table, with a unique flavor and a variety of tastes from various brands. Try any of them with lean red meat, mushrooms, blue cheese, or anything flavored with cumin for truly delicious pairings.


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