Yeast: From Behind the Scenes to the Spotlight Long considered the blue-collar workhorse of the winemaking process, operating sub rosa, yeasts have recently taken center stage in many conversations about wine and the desire to emphasize the expression of vineyard apart from human and technological … [Read more...]


Pass the Port Growing up there was always Port wine in the house.  My father was in the Navy for 23 years where he learned about Port from centuries of naval history and tradition, which began with the 18th century British naval forces.  Thanks to the Methuen Treaty of 1703, merchants were … [Read more...]

Sparkling Wine for Life’s Celebrations

I am always humbled by the generosity, camaraderie and great relationships that are seeded and continue to blossom in this wine world.  This story is one that really stands out because it's  one of those "random acts of kindness."  In this case, there is nothing random about it; only that a group of … [Read more...]

Grape Exposé: Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir and the Media Today's grape is the fickle Pinot Noir variety supposedly made (more) famous, at least in the U.S., by a little movie called Sideways and an equally fickle little man called Miles (how ironic, hmm?).  Many think it helped regions like the Willamette Valley by increasing … [Read more...]