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Judging the Judgings

By Dan Berger Judging wine isn’t a science, though those who publish numbers for wine rankings imply it is equivalent to the grade placed on a math test.      I’ve written before of the difficulty of determining how a 2007 Chevalier-Montrachet that is blessed with a score of 93 compares with a 91 … [Read more...]

Proximity Judging

By Dan Berger A close friend had a slightly irritating experience with a wine that had been highly rated by a major wine magazine.      The publication gave the wine, a red Rhône, a score of 91, so my friend bought a bottle of it (it was about $12) and said, “I’d have had a hard time getting … [Read more...]

Distinctive Wines

By Dan Berger One of my saddest realizations is that most U.S. wine -- and many of our prepared food products == pander to a clientele that has little interest in distinctive taste. The lowest common denominator seems to be perfectly fine. At the end of the day, what passes for greatness in … [Read more...]