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Learning the Techniques of Wine Marketing

The transparent truism about the marketing of wine is that we are all victims of a scheme that predetermines who will buy a certain wine based as much on its price as any other factor. All of this must be adjusted, of course, to factors that are changing all the time -- as will be seen in a few … [Read more...]

Tasting Aberrations

We still excited for each wine release and tasting A decade ago, a wine was released that got me excited. Apparently no one else was as intrigued as was I. I was judging wines blind on a panel with other skilled tasters. I gave one wine the highest possible award. Only one other person of the … [Read more...]

Restaurant Wine Tales

By Dan Berger For decades I have heard restaurant owners say they would like to find some alternative wines for their wine lists. Starting in the early 1990s restaurant owners began to tell me that they wanted to get away from the massive lists of Chardonnays they were carrying and wanted more … [Read more...]