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Champagne 2

By Dan Berger For all the excitement it generates, for all the pizzazz of its presentation, the explosive sound of its cork popping, the fact that it is used for celebrations and that it evokes feelings of joy, Champagne is a rather subtle beverage. In some ways, it’s the easiest wine in the world … [Read more...]


By Dan Berger The traditional “pop” heard at weddings may be generated by any number of sparkling wines -- buck-ninety-nine domestic fizzy, where the bottle is worth more than the liquid, all the way to C-noters in velvet-lined boxes from unpronounceable places. French Champagne is the popular … [Read more...]


By Dan Berger The director of a national wine competition got a nasty note from the owner of a small winery saying he would not enter the wine competition because, he alleged, all such competitions were rigged. His rationale: the gold medals in many categories go only to wines selling for $5 to … [Read more...]