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What Wine Goes With Salmon

Wine goes with Salmon! Salmon is a rich fish that that hints at the best pairing simply by its color. Its translucent red hue speaks to the wine that I think is an ideal partner: Pinot Noir wine goes with salmon. That said, many enjoy a full flavored, not-too-lightly-oaked Chardonnay, following the … [Read more...]


Fragrant and Floral Riesling  Perhaps the world’s greatest wine variety of them all is Riesling. Red wine lovers will argue this point, but no other grape has the ability to make as wide a variety of styles of wine as does Riesling, and all are considered superb. Rieslings from Germany set the … [Read more...]

What Wine Goes With Pork

Wine goes with Pork! Pork, considered “the other white meat”, is a delicate and delicious medium for flavor. Similar to chicken, pork can take on spices and sauces with charm and grace, never over-powering, but complementing. Most wine goes with pork. So either a white or red wine will go with … [Read more...]

What Wine Goes With Lamb

Wine goes with Lamb! Lamb is a rich flavored meat that waters the mouth just thinking about it. Wine goes with lamb like the sun goes with springtime. And there is not a red wine that is not elevated by the rich gently gamey taste. Spring is lamb season, but with controlled farming, one can find … [Read more...]

What Wine Goes With Chicken

Red wine goes with chicken often Chicken, the signature white meat, is a wonderful dish for pairing with wine. But most chicken dishes are rich and savory, belying any myth about it being ideally suited to white wines. What wine goes with chicken? In fact, most chicken dishes are best paired with … [Read more...]

Tasting Wine. How to Taste Wine.

How to taste wine? We all grow up thinking we know how to taste. We are born with it and it seems silly to think that we need someone to teach us how to taste wine. There are flavors we like and those we don’t, as well as foods we prefer or not. It is always clear when a baby does not like what he … [Read more...]


You say ToeMAYtoe; I say ToeMahToe; You say Shiraz; I say Syrah   If you are from California, Europe, Argentina, Chile, or Uruguay, Syrah is a deep dark red wine with generally low to moderate acidity, often with smooth tannins. If you are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South … [Read more...]

Other Grapes

Other Grapes than Cab, Chard, etc. There are other grapes that make delicious wines worth exploring. We all have a habit of sticking with what we like, but it limits us from actually knowing what we like. The wines below are all delicious and worth a try. Chenin Blanc: This white wine grape … [Read more...]

Pinot noir

Wine of Royalty: Pinot Noir One of the world’s noblest varieties, Pinot Noir makes the great red Burgundies of France and recently has taken the world by storm from regions such as Oregon, California’s cooler regions, New Zealand, and other cooler regions of the world. The problems with Pinot Noir … [Read more...]


American Heritage: Zinfandel A strong case could be made thatthe definitive American wine is made from Zinfandel, or a blend of grapes in which Zinfandel is a dominant part of the blend. This grape recently was identified as identical to the Croatian variety Crljenak Kaštelanski, and also is … [Read more...]