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Top 50 Best-Selling Amazon Wines

  Amazon Wines Everyone Should Try Where do you like to buy your vino? A wine and spirits store? A grocery store? A convenience store? Amazon.com? Great news, wine fans: everyone's favorite online superstore sells vino! The wine.net team took a look at … [Read More...]

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Aging White Wine

By Dan Berger   We all know the pitfalls when we decide to age a bottle of red wine – or a few hundred! Any such experiences can be fraught with problems, which we observe ruefully when an episode goes sour. And inevitably many do in fact go sour. We’ve all … [Read More...]

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Bourbon vs Scotch: A Tale of Two Whiskies

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between all those dark spirits? What is the difference that makes a seasoned scotch sipper different from a pleasant and smooth bourbon? Here we present the real story to distinguish one from the other! “Whiskey” or “Whisky”? This is a rather confusing topic to talk about when it comes to scotch and bourbon- whether we should … [Read More...]

What is Malbec Wine? A Quick Guide

A robust red wine from Argentina, Malbec Wine 2017 is made from the variety of grapes with the same name that is actually native to France. They were planted in Argentinian soil in the 19th century, where they thrived. These are dark fruits with thick skins, and impart a similarly dark berry flavor with smoky notes. Historically, Malbec grapes have been used in French … [Read More...]

Everything You Need to Know About Port Wine

Port wine is not only loaded with flavor, it’s also loaded with history. This type of wine has been made for centuries in the Douro Valley in Portugal. Its name comes from Porto, a coastal city in Portugal sitting pretty at the Douro River’s mouth. From here, 17th-century ships carrying casks of Port traveled to England to supply its citizens with spirits, as they were … [Read More...]

Riesling – Arguably the Greatest Wine Grape in the World

By Dan Berger Riesling is probably the greatest wine grape in the world. Since such a statement is open to challenge (and surely will be), I used the word “probably” so as not to irritate the misguided people in this world who think red wine commands the top ten spots on the World’s Greatest Grapes list. My passion for Riesling predates the latest set of great wines … [Read More...]

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