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Top 50 Best-Selling Amazon Wines

  Amazon Wines Everyone Should Try Where do you like to buy your vino? A wine and spirits store? A grocery store? A convenience store? Amazon.com? Great news, wine fans: everyone's favorite online superstore sells vino! The wine.net team took a look at … [Read More...]

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Wine & Food

Wine With Turkey: Which Wines Pair Best with Thanksgiving Dinner?

When it comes to preparing the perfect turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, there are an endless number of factors to consider. How will you be preparing your turkey? What will you be serving on the side? Are other people bringing food? What’s for dessert? And then, of … [Read More...]

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Wine Types

Riesling – Arguably the Greatest Wine Grape in the World

By Dan Berger Riesling is probably the greatest wine grape in the world. Since such a statement is open to challenge (and surely will be), I used the word “probably” so as not to irritate the misguided people in this world who think red wine commands the top ten spots on the World’s Greatest Grapes list. My passion for Riesling predates the latest set of great wines … [Read More...]


By Dan Berger In the mid-1980s, I interviewed a wealthy and well-regarded wine collector for an article I was doing on his world-famed cellar. After some discussion of all his classic red Bordeaux, Classified Growths such as his 1945 Chateau Latour en magnum, and his great old Burgundies, his Champagnes, and assorted other treasures, I ventured into tricky territory. … [Read More...]

The 8 Best Sangria and Mulled Wine Recipes

Two creative and unique wine options that are sure to be crowd pleasers this holiday season are sangrias and mulled wines. Sangria is a delicious drink that originated in Spain and Portugal, and typically consists of red wine, chopped fruit (orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, berries, etc.), a sweetener (honey, sugar, syrup, or orange juice), and a small amount of … [Read More...]

Airlines with the Best Wines

When it comes to choosing an airline, any wine enthusiast should be sure to take two things into consideration: whether the airline serves wine, and, if so, the quality of the vino being served. Because these two questions are very important to the oenophiles at wine.net, we have reached out to our sources and researched this fascinating and useful topic for you. After … [Read More...]

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